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In what started as a way to enhance staff bonding, Paradise Resort's Fancy Dress Friday' has grown into fully fledged fun days for staff and guests alike.

Starting in July this year, Fancy Dress Fridays were introduced to grow staff morale and place the Resort's team in touch with their inner child'.

"We do operate one of the most family friendly Resort's, right in the heart of Australia's playground', so I thought what better place to enhance fun at a workplace," enthused Resort General Manager David Brook.

"It started out as a monthly activity but I soon received firm feedback that the team wanted it to be every Friday and it's just grown from there."

Fancy Dress Friday is now being sponsored by Streets, who will reward each child dressed in fancy dress costumes and clothing with a FREE Streets Paddle Pop.

"Following the cues of the Resort staff our guests became increasingly involved, with great effort by many to get into the spirit of Fancy Dress Friday," he said.

"This has snowballed into the stocking of a fancy dress line at our retail store for those who have forgotten their costume, the sponsorship by Streets, as well as prize draws that also include Resort merchandise of our mascots Captain, Cleo, Astro and Dusty'."

Mr Brook said it was a delight to stroll around the Resort on Fridays and see guests and staff transformed.

"Our departments have started competing to see who can come up with the best ideas and are getting together to coordinate costumes."

"To date we've seen our Reservations team as The Wiggles, Harry Potter and Where's Wally and the Front Office team in commando costumes ready to take on the busy school holiday period."

"One of the funniest things to see is our staff take on their fancy dress personas just like in the case of our Duty Manager who dressed as Superman which is quite appropriate...businessman by day, superhero by night!"

Mr Brook said the joy of it is that his guests never know what's in store each Friday.

"From your first call to the Resort, to checking in or having your room cleaned, you may encounter a Smurf, policeman, or your favourite character from Harry's magic in Paradise!"