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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


  • When & where should I collect my party invitations?

Party Invitations will be emailed to you once your booking is confirmed.  You can then download and print them.


  • How do I pay for a party?

A deposit is required at the time of booking your party.  The remaining balance is then due 7 days prior to the party. If you need to cancel within this period please contact your party host to discuss your options.


  • Can I order additional/different food outside of the party menu?

We have a café located onsite if your guests would like to purchase anything additional.


  • Can I bring my own birthday cake?

Yes, you are able to bring your own birthday cake.


  • If I bring my own birthday cake will you supply plates?

We will supply napkins complimentary


  • What is the maximum number of children per party?

There is a maximum 30 children per party (for the waterpark parties) and a maximum 50 children per party (for the ice-skating parties).


  • What is the minimum number of children per party?

There is a minimum 10 children per party.


  • What is in the party bag?

There is a range of goodies such as stickers, colouring sheets, lollipops and more for each birthday guest to take home and play with.


  • How much notice is required for booking a party?

We require at least 10 days notice. 


  • What if I have more party guests than the maximum party room/area capacity?

For our Waterpark Parties - a maximum capacity has been set so that all guests can fit safely and comfortably in the area designated for the party. If you wish to invite more than the maximum capacity please enquire for availability.

 For our Ice-Rink Parties - If you have additional guests (other than the party guests) who wish to skate they can purchase a ticket at the door but numbers will be capped to a maximum 50 skaters on the ice at one time. 


  • Can I bring extra children to use the waterpark?

Only party guests (and hotel guests) are permitted to use the facilities.  If you have any extra children (other than the party guests) they are not permitted in the pool area. Waterpark access is not permitted for the ice-skating parties.


  • Can we stay in the pool area after the party ends?

All children invited to the party will be issued with a wrist band upon arrival at the party which permits entry to the pool area.  The wrist band must be worn at all times and party guests must vacate the pool area no later than 3 hours after the commencement of the party.


  • What do we do if the waterpark is closed due to bad weather?

In the event of extreme weather including wind and heavy rain the waterpark area may be closed for the safety of our guests. If the park is closed for more than one hour due to weather conditions, you may reschedule your party or change the location of your party to Planet Chill Ice Skating Rink (subject to availability) Refunds for bad weather are not available.