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What's On in Zone 4 Kids Club (3-12 years)

Zone 4 Kids Club (Z4K) offers a variety of themed sessions daily. Children 0-12 yrs are divided into different age groups across the 7 themed play spaces to ensure age appropriate care and activities are provided. Here you'll find our weekly calendar of activities on offer for children 3 - 12 years of age. With PJ Party, Beach Disco and Talent nights proving amongst the most popular. Please note bookings for Supervised Zone 4 Kids Club sessions are essential and can be made at the booking kiosk outside Zone 4 Kids Club or by clicking here. In addition to our fully supervised sessions, we also offer open age sessions where parents can supervise and enjoy some fun with their kids. These sessions are free of charge and are available from 730-930am.

Zone 4 Kids - Krazy Kraft
8am - 10 am
10am - 2pm
2pm - 4pm
4pm - 8pm
8:30pm - 10:30pm
SUNDAY Additional Session Heros & Villians Art & Craft
Beach Party Disco N/A
MONDAY Additional Session Under the Circus Tent Art & Craft
PJ Party Children's Choice
TUESDAY Additional Session All About Friends Art & Craft
Z4Ks' Got Talent N/A
WEDNESDAY Additional Session 4,3,2,1 Blast Off! Art & Craft
Z4K Olympic Games Children's Choice

Additional Session Wild Wild West Art & Craft Lucky Dip N/A

Additional Session Deep in the Jungle Art & Craft Ultimate Survivor Movie Night

Additional Session Pirates Arrrrrvo! Art & Craft Z4K Carnival Gender Wars
 *Program is subject to change without notice.

Session Description:

5,4,3,2,1 BLAST OFF! Blast through time and space as we go on a journey with these fun filled activities; foil painting, eye spy an alien, dancing planets and boom ball.
ALL ABOUT OUR FRIENDS Love your friends and making new ones? Come along to Z4K for a morning of games in groups and pairs while you make friends with other kids in the Resort.
BEACH PARTY DISCO Get ready little rockers because its time to party! Come dressed in your best beach wear and enjoy a rocking Beach Party Disco. Dance the night away to all the latest tunes as we play some fun exciting games with prizes to be won for the night’s best dancer.
DEEP IN THE JUNGLE Let’s go on and adventure and use our “WILD” imagination! Join us on a safari through the Z4K jungle with butterfly painting, crocodile crocodile, creek bank creek and hide & seek!
HEROES AND VILLAINS It’s a bird, it’s a plane…. NO its Z4K Heroes and Villains! Draw your own hero or villain competition, create a hero challenge, sardines and hot seat are only some of the Activities the little heroes can enjoy.
LUCKY DIP Are you feeling lucky? This is an evening full of surprises. Are you brave enough to put your hand into the Z4K Lucky dip box? If so you could pull out one of your favorite party games, prizes or even a dare.
PIRATES ARRRRRRVO! Arrrrr matey’s…. Come aboard our pirate ship down in Z4K and sail with us to treasure island who knows what we will see along the way! Discover long lost treasure or maybe walk the plank! Pirate hats, face paint and search for treasure that has sank!
PJ PARTY Come in your best PJ’s for a variety of fun. We play all your favorite party games with prizes to be won! Pass the parcel, musical chairs and more.
ULTIMATE SURVIVOR! Outwit, Outlast, Outplay the other tribes. Join us for an evening of working together to become the ultimate survivor team in challenges like build a camp, cave painting and many more!
UNDER THE CIRCUS TENT Come and clown around with these fun activities. Clown hats, balloon volleyball, pin the nose on the clown and parachute games.
WILD WILD WEST Howdy partner! Its time to head west for a morning full of blazing saddles, poison ball, Indian chief, Wild Wild West as well as Cowboy and Indian hat making.
Z4K CARNIVAL Step right up, step right up to the Z4K Carnival. Come along and spend your very own Z4K funny money at all the exciting stalls. Enjoy and evening of twilight go-Karts, knock’em down, tattoo shop and many more!
Z4K OLYMPIC GAMES If you love playing team sports and games this is your night! The Z4K Olympic Games is all about working together in teams to complete the challenges set out by the Z4K staff. The question now is who will win Gold?
Z4Ks' GOT TALENT! Show us here in Z4K your special talents. A fun filled evening of singing, dancing, acting, break dancing, joke telling even magic. Whatever you want to be that’s what we want to see! If you feel you’re not a performer we need judges too.
ADDITIONAL SESSION Perfect chance for the juniors to create their own idea of play with no set theme in place. This is a paid session and can also be added on to the session included in your package.